10 killed, 18 missing after heavy rain hits China’s Baoding

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Ten people have been killed and 18 remain missing after heavy rain battered the city of Baoding in north China’s Hebei Province, local authorities said Saturday.

All the districts and counties in Baoding have suffered floods due to the impact of Typhoon Doksuri over the past few days, with an average precipitation of 353.1 mm.

As of 12 a.m. Saturday, over 1.1 million people have been affected in Baoding, with 627,000 people evacuated, according to the municipal flood control and drought relief headquarters.

The floods have damaged 79,000 hectares of crops. A total of 4,448 houses have collapsed and 7,286 have been severely damaged.

With the joint efforts of many parties, the flood-hit villages which had been cut off from the outside world in the early days have been contacted. Supplies such as drinking water, food and medicine are being delivered to the stricken areas. Efforts are being made to repair infrastructure, such as transportation, power and communications, damaged by the disaster.

According to local authorities, Baoding is comprehensively strengthening the inspection and early warning of geological disasters such as collapses, landslides and debris flows, focusing on the investigation and rectification of dangerous sections of rivers and large and medium-sized reservoirs, and resuming normal production and life as soon as possible.

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