4 bodies recovered after factory blaze in Karachi

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Bodies of four firefighters were recovered from the rubble of a collapsed factory in the port city of Karachi on Thursday morning, rescue teams said.

A massive fire broke out in the multi-story building of a bed sheet factory on Wednesday morning and a dozen fire engines worked to douse it, Salman Qureshi, a firefighter from Saylani Welfare Trust was quoted as saying by the press.

“The firefighters were working at the incident site when part of the factory collapsed trapping several people under the debris,” Qureshi said.

Thirteen injured people including 11 firefighters were also recovered from the collapsed building, he said.

Talking to media, Karachi’s Central District Deputy Commissioner Taha Saleem, confirmed there are no more trapped persons under the rubbles, and the area has been cleared by rescue teams.

He added that the fire was contained on early Thursday morning, and a cooling operation was underway.

He said that fire erupted in the building due to a short circuit and it got worse because the firefighters could not take big engines to the site due to congested streets.

The officer said that the building’s structure weakened due to the big fire and the water used to douse it, leading to its collapse during the process.

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