An Interfaith Marriage

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Over the past few days the controversy in Kashmir is revolving over the interfaith marriage. To put it short and simple a girl from the minority Sikh community married to a boy from the majority Muslim community. The minority community termed the marriage as forcible conversion.

The news spread like a wildfire and national media was quick to jump into and add fuel to the fire. The issue was not left there rather many political parties and politicians jumped into it to encash over the unfortunate incident. The pain and anguish of the girl’s family was genuine and all they needed sympathies and positive support to overcome this toughest phase of life.

In our ultra conservative society, if a daughter elopes with a boy, the family is putting their head down in shame and if it is an interfaith marriage without the consent of families, the incident is most obnoxious and shameful for the families. The family of young Sikh girl must be going through the same phase. On every day basis they have to face their own people, society and after all live among us all. It may take decades now for the family to rebuild their strength and confidence to face their people.

But that doesn’t mean people shall come and stir the controversies to score brownie points. The incident is as shameful as repulsive but certainly not deserving to be politicized to add further salt to the wounds of affected family. Kashmir has a rich tradition of tolerance, brotherhood and religious harmony. When the entire subcontinent was brunt down in the name of religion, Kashmir was the only ray of hope where people showed maturity and harmony in 1947.

Even in the present times, fortunately Kashmir has no history of communal violence and religious intolerance. Now the incident of Rainwari has almost settled down with both Sikhs and Muslims coming forward from Kashmir and joining hands of brotherhood.

It is also the fact that the interfaith marriage was solemnized in the court of law where the girl had personally recorded the statement in favour of her decision. Some even tried to politicize the verdict of court too. In order to avoid any future trouble, we shall strictly discourage the interfaith marriages in Kashmir.

And if it ever happens, no one should be allowed to give it a religious colour because no one can come into the folds of Islam for marrying a Muslim man. If any one chooses to convert to Islam, he or she has to purely do it after understanding the scripture of the religion.

In the past many Islamic scholars have denounced such marriages but it doesn’t stop since it is purely a personal and emotional matter. At the most in Kashmir the civil society has to be vibrant and defy all those forces who want to create wedge for frivolous issues.

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