Approach Mahkamah Sharia to get issues resolved: Madani

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 President of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind Maulana Arshad Madani on Saturday appealed to the Muslims to approach the Mahkamah Shariah to resolve their issues and not give the government an opportunity to interfere in the family issues of Muslims.

While delivering the presidential sermon at the Imarat Shariah conference, Madani emphasised the importance of reforming the society and said that in today’s conditions it should be worked on as a priority.

While emphasising on the setting up of Mahkamah Shariah and Darul Qaza, he said that the Mahkamah Shariah must be set up in the light of the Constitution of the Imarat Shariah in the areas where it has not been set up yet.

The JuH president described Shariah principles as the strong foundation of Islam and said that unless we make these principles a part of our practical life, an ideal and healthy society cannot be established.

He said, “Islam is a complete code of life, and Shariah laws teach a principled and exemplary way of life,” he said.

Madani said that the main reason for our decline and backwardness is that we have distanced ourselves from Islamic teachings and Shariah guidance. He said that there is absolutely no need to be disappointed and feel inferior due to the propaganda against Islam, it has happened in every era, but the truth of Islam has always prevailed.

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