Article 370 verdict will determine whether two nation theory was right in first place: Mehbooba

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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) President Mehbooba Mufti on Wednesday said the verdict on Article 370 would decide whether the decision of leadership of Jammu and Kashmir to disapprove the two nation theory and accede to a secular and democratic India was right in the first place.

Mufti expressed satisfaction on the way lawyers are “laying bare the patent illegality and unconstitutionality” of the abrogation of Article 370 in the Supreme Court.

The Apex Court is hearing a bunch of petitions challenging the abrogation of Article 370.

Mehbooba told reporters here that she is relieved that the BJP-RSS dispensation will not be able to stifle the voices and arguments against such an unlawful act in the Supreme Court.

She said that she and her party colleagues have been trying their best to give voice to the sentiments of the people of Jammu and Kashmir since the day the state was dismembered and its special status was snatched away.

However, they have had to face the brunt of the brute establishment that has been trying to muzzle the voices of dissent, the PDP President said.

Mufti said that it is being openly described in the Supreme Court how the then Governor self-appointed himself as the constituent assembly and his advisors assumed the role of the council of ministers.

She said that it is being widely expressed how, in absence of the concurrence from the actual constituent assembly of Jammu and Kashmir, the whole process carried out by the centre is patently illegal and unconstitutional. These are the things that Mufti said she and her party have been saying from day one.

Mehbooba said that she has not been to the Supreme Court to witness the proceedings because she would find it difficult to bear the arguments in favour of the illegal abrogation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

Mufti said that she hopes that the Supreme Court will give a just and fair verdict in the case, and that the people of Jammu and Kashmir will get justice.

“For me this issue is not only about the legality and constitutionality but about the faith & aspirations of the people of J&K. It is also a matter that will decide whether the decision of our leadership to disapprove the two nation theory and accede to a secular & democratic India on the promise of safeguarding our identity and special status was right in the first place,” she said.

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