“Assam Won’t Be Run By Nagpur”: Rahul Gandhi Targets BJP, RSS

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Rahul Gandhi

Congress’s Rahul Gandhi today accused the BJP of not listening to the “voice of the people” as protests against the new citizenship law continued across the country. The protests against the new law have entered its third week, with protesters demanding a repeal of the law.   But the government has indicated that the law stands.

While the police have used force to counter the protesters in most states, Assam is one that witnessed massive violence. Five persons died in the state, where violence broke out soon after the law was signed off by President Ram Nath Kovind on December 11.

“Wherever the BJP goes, it spreads hate. In Assam, the youth is protesting, in other states protests happening as well. Why do you have to shoot and kill them? BJP doesn’t want to listen to voice of people,” said Mr Gandhi, who was in Assam to lead the party’s “Save Constitution-Save India” protest march.

“They think they can suppress the culture and history of the northeast , they did not understand your pulse,”  he said. “We will not allow the BJP and RSS to attack the history, culture and tradition of Assam. Assam cannot be ruled from Nagpur. Assam will only be run by its people,” he added.

The Congress leader is expected to visit the families of the people killed during the protests. He wishes to meet the families of 16-year-old Sams Steford and 17-year-old Dipanjal Das, who were killed during the stir at Chaygaon near Guwahati, reported news agency Press Trust of India, quoting Harish Rawat, the Congress in-charge of Assam.(NDTV)

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