Balance Is Progressive

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Malik Suhail Gulal
Since our childhood, we are being taught by the negativity that memorizing and pasting that stuff on the exam papers will help your cause without giving impetus on the fact that craning for exams is highly volatile which can give you transient glory. However, what we have been ignoring with unbroken extend is that for long-lasting glory one needs to adhere to the constitution of excellence and the prerequisite for excellence is a proper understanding of concepts and consistent desire to achieve by dedication, concentration, and application.

To memorize everything for a moment is being given more importance than to know something forever that’s like rarely like a marriage counselor files for divorce. Don’t you think that there’s a big difference? I think, yes. But the comparison is not going to be complex as it depends on one’s perceptions and at the same time, it’s practically strong. “ Some faulty minds hook all at once if everyone hangs oneself with the same rope”

We memorize things, we forget them. This is our nature. We can even memorize different concepts without understanding them. So, we memorize concepts than to make ourselves able to understand them, that is a big problem we create to face rather than to solve it. Everyone has his own memory strength; some remember better, some forget better, and so on, that might be something that is wondering in your mind at the moment, right? Well, but the matter, I think is different, so different.

These two different concepts cum realities” Exams and Knowledge” are not just words but are wide-ranged in their meaning, importance, and scope in their own way but we have managed to set them in stone comfortably. It may not be wrong to say that blindness is open to everyone whoever wants to be darker even in light, so are we! Being in the light of education we have been touching the dark shadows of misconceptions about a lot of things. We have to open our minds to take something better from outside and outtake something worse from inside. To do so, all we can do is to drag these misconceptions between the two under strength of enhanced understanding and working hard accordingly to save this sinking ship, so that we can safeguard ourselves too.

Exam is the ability to dominate over the theoretical evaluation and set trend for those who are educating themselves. So one has to go through it to get the results whether one has made it or not. So exams being a part of our education one has to pass them out to move on. They meet us year by year or two times in a year but sometimes unexpectedly without even knocking our doors. Now, it has become something that interrupts peace of mind and makes us mentally ill. Everyone is scared of these sudden exams as if a boy is being forced to take a bath in winter with cold water. But why this fear? Isn’t it seems that something needs to be upgraded up? Yes! The instrument of taking exams on time, out of time, and in no time. The balance is missing. Systems like exams which are career deciding must be balanced, appropriate and flexible.

“Sheltering yourself just to avoid exam scare often gives you bruised and tanned emotions when it comes to doing something extraordinary.”

I talk of exams, right. To be honest, what is coming in front of your eyes? I guess you’re writing something on paper where you have been previously and a man with strict mood is eyeing you. How you were preparing yourselves for the same exams? While preparing yourselves, do you believe truly that you know nothing at the end of the day? Are conceptual and practical scenarios missing? If yes, you’re now depressed, frustrated, and dispersed from your own self. For instance, you know nothing, okay! And now you have to go through the exams to save your academic year and with it your nose. So what you do is, you memorize ready-made notes, guides and to some copying is the last hope. I am not against studying ready-made notes, guides nor will I as they are our last teacher sitting in front of us and helping us to coup up with the topics without wasting any time. So we cover all the topics in a limited period of time, just say a particular subject in just a week. No matter, if you make it passing out the exams with good grades but still the reality is you remember nothing as it ran away from your mind as soon as you were finished up with your exams. What remains with you are the faint pages of your notes that you had memorized during your exams and dim ideas that you fail to explain and explore when someone asks you about the same, the saddest part of your story. So, don’t memorize everything for forgetting it at the end of the day instead know properly, understand better, and get the best of it.

Knowledge is the ability to know about true facts through the practical and sharp perceptions. Its power of knowing about what you need to know, understanding the process of knowing, and feeding that research with heart and soul in your mind once and forever. When you try to know and understand something by questioning, it never fades away when even the inner threads of mind wants to acquire. It takes you time and you take your time until the results come out. So, when you try to understand concepts in your ways of acquiring and you locked them in your mind with the ability to pass them on to another person whenever you want. Knowledge is something that can’t be copied or theft from another person yet it can be obtained by reading notes, books, and the sources we have in our day to day life if our internal and external focus is on them. Harboring knowledge is not tough when one is passionate about knowing more and more facts and it is one’s strong will that helps one to achieve it. “Knowledge is a treasure forever that embraces us all the time other than leaving us behind.”

Knowledge is also an exam that we set for ourselves to examine how much we know, how much we have left to know, and how we are going to know more. Already, we can evaluate it and everyone can get results in a moment. So the more you know, the more strength you get and the less you know, the more strength you lose.

So, do you think that exams and knowledge can go together? I think, no. No doubt there might be some relation between these two but still exams no way can be compared to knowledge. If you will, it is certainly a mere thinking cum step. Exams can sink you in misconceptions about how much knowledge you have. At the same time exams are there to examine to know how much we know from what we had gone through the respective year. Importantly, grades should not be the instrument to measure one’s knowledge.

History has witnessed that a number of toppers in their academics fail to register their berth when it matters the most and those who might not have been excellent in exams rise to the occasion to make their mark. And yes, a good memory can’t be underestimated or ruled out but that should be put in place as a sharpened axe to ascend the steps of Knowledge and excellence and not just to use it as a weapon to rescue you in an exam.

Presently, the process of caring and ignoring too much is dancing on the dance, that’s extremely unfortunate. I mean, exams are cared like a lone son of a family while knowledge is ignored like an orphan neither accepted by any trust nor by a member of our society. This very difference is brutal, unacceptable, and certainly nonsensical that is digging us with our permission. This is definitely something serious that can lead us where we will get no time even to regret if not understood better and try to halt this bloody race. Moreover, it’s not about caring too much and ignoring too much but it’s about the balance that creates a perfect bridge. Indeed, there should be a kind of Liberty that they can’t impact negatively on the working cause of one another.

Malik Suhail Gulal is pursuing honours in Political Science at Cluster University Srinagar. He can be contacted at: [email protected]

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