BCCI imposes two-year ban on J&K cricketer

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The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on Saturday imposed ban on a cricketer from Jammu and Kashmir for submitting multiple birth certificates.

The handout issued by the Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association (JKCA) said that Vanshaj Sharma, resident of Bishnah, Jammu has been banned by the BCCI for submitting multiple birth certificates with different date of birth.

For this act, he has been banned from participating in all BCCI tournaments for a period of two years from October 27.

The handout further stated that after completion of two years ban, the player can only participate in Senior Men’s Tournament conducted by the BCCl and will not be allowed to play in any age group tournaments of the BCCI.

JKCA has been informing from time to time that the players should not resolve to such acts as the punishment given by the BCCl adversely affects the career of the player.

In the instant case, Vanshaj Sharma migrated to another state and applied from there as member of U-23 Men’s team of Bihar, it further read.

However, it said that since he was first registered by the JKCA in 2021-22, his data was available with the BCCI and despite him having changed the Association; he was caught for submitting multiple birth certificates.

As a consequence of which he has been banned from participating in any tournament for two years and from participating in age group tournaments for the entire life.

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