Bloodshed in any part of the world is enemy of people: Ravinder Raina

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 BJP Jammu and Kashmir President Ravinder Raina on Tuesday said that bloodshed in any part of the world is the enemy of the people.

Raina was talking to media persons in south Kashmir’s Anantnag district.

“There should not be any bloodshed in any part of the world. Terrorism, bloodshed, bombs and guns have already seen destruction in Jammu and Kashmir during which lakhs of innocent people lost their lives,” he said while reacting to the Israel and Palestine conflict.

The BJP president said bloodshed, bombs and guns were the enemies of people and for peace, prosperity and brotherhood everyone has to play his role.

Raina said if there is peace in Kashmir there is development.

“Otherwise there were only human corpses seen in Kashmir during the past 35 years. War has in no way helps anyone in the world”, he added.

Raina said the protest being held in Jammu by National conference, Congress and Peoples Democratic Party was not for the betterment of people but they are searching for their future with the demonstration.

“They never sit on “dharna” when the situation in Kashmir was bad”, he said and added “they have always worked for their own interests”.

The BJP President said that people of Jammu and Kashmir have dismissed them and they are with the party.

Regarding elections to Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC) Kargil where BJP could manage only two seats, Raina said BJP is strong enough in Ladakh and in the coming years the network would be more vibrant.

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