Bombardment on Gaza must stop to save innocent people from getting killed: Omar

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 National Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah on Tuesday said that bombardment on Gaza must stop to save the innocent people from getting killed.

“The bombardment on Gaza must stop to save the innocent people who are being killed” Omar told media persons in Srinagar.

The former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister said that United Nations and other influential countries must play their role even if they have talked sometimes about the situation and humanitarian crisis that have arisen out of the war in Gaza.

He said “Israel is being supported by the US, Britain and other countries that is why the United Nations could not play such a role that we expect”.

Omar said “if the war escalates out of Gaza definitely it would have a direct effect on India. That is why we are saying the bombardment should be stopped and the war should stop”.

The NC Vice President said so many people from India are working in Arab countries. There is no other country in the world whose such number of people are working there.

To a question about India sending humanitarian aid to Palestine, the former CM said there is nothing to hide, India from day one supported Israel. And after seeing that innocent people are being killed in Palestine they (India) announced to send humanitarian aid to Gaza that too equivalent to a drop in the ocean.

He said where hundred trucks were being allowed to enter Gaza daily, today even 20 truck loads are not being allowed by the Israeli forces.

What would the population of lakhs would do with just 10-20 truck loads of aid, Abdullah asked.

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