Busy Donating Sanitary Pads Since 2014, Sgr Woman Says, ‘Reward Will Come From God’

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Representation Pic Source: The Border Mail

Tasaduq Hussain
In a very unique initiative to support the unprivileged and those in immense need of sanitary items at public places, a Srinagar girl is delivering and donating all the required items irrespective of backgrounds for years now to those in need.

Irfana Zargar, a consolidated based employee with Srinagar municipal corporation took an initiative to give away the sanitary items to girls in need back in 2014 but with time it evoked great response which earned her praise from all the sections of the society.

Talking to the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), Irfana Zargar said that she started this initiative after the death of her father back in 2014 and she is doing it in the name of her father. “I believe this will elevate my father’s status in the hereafter.”

She said that she is donating all the sanitary items out of her salary and there is no support from anyone. “I started to give away all the sanitary items as part of the charity back in 2014 and I would put several packets at two different public washrooms in Srinagar initially where women in need would use as per the requirement only to earn rewards for my deceased father who left us in 2013,” she said.

She said that it was the love and affection of her parents which encouraged her for this noble cause. “There is no denial in saying that parents go beyond the limits for their children to help them in every manner. Similarly, my parents raised me with all the love and affection that encouraged me to do something for God’s sake and I believe it will earn rewards for my parents,” she said.

Even during the lockdown restrictions in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, Irfana continued her work to reach out to the needy.

She said that when everything was inaccessible she shared a post on social media platforms for the womenfolk that who don’t have sanitary items available with them can get in contact and without disclosing their identity it will be delivered to them.

“Even I personally went to many places to deliver those items at the doorsteps of the needy and I was very successful in doing that also the post evoked great response from people,” she said—(KNO)

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