CEL organise Finland education programme

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Cambridge Education Lab, a UK-based education service company on Thursday partnered with NISA (National Independent School Alliance) to organise a Finland Education Exploration Programme in Helsinki and Turku for 24 Indian school owners.

The six-day program, which took place from October 22 to October 28, 2023, provided a comprehensive understanding of the Finnish education model, celebrated worldwide for its innovative approaches and exceptional outcomes.

The program highlighted the use of technology in creating engaging learning experiences for students and the importance of a holistic and flexible approach to education.

The Finnish model served as an inspiring example for educators, reminding them of the significance of a holistic and flexible approach to education.

The Finnish programme is the first step towards transforming the Indian education system through residential and online programs for students, teachers, and stakeholders of the Indian School community.

The program began with a visit to The Finnish National Agency for Education, where delegates learned about Finland’s unique structure, decentralized, trust-based approach, and emphasis on academic achievement, holistic well-being, and a sustainable way of living.

The program then explored various educational phases, including early education, primary education, high school, and university-level teacher training.

The Finnish education system was observed in action, witnessing innovative teaching methodologies, seamless integration of technology, and the importance of flexibility throughout the educational journey.

The program left Indian school owners with a wealth of knowledge and fresh perspectives to potentially transform education practices in their respective regions.

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