China-Taiwan relations at crossroads

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The relations between China and Taiwan have two possible outcomes and the Taiwan administration has to make the right choice, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Tan Kefei said on Wednesday.
“At present, cross-strait relations are once again faced with two choices for the future and the authorities of Taiwan must make the right choice as to where to go,” Kefei said in a statement released by the defense ministry.
The Chinese army’s Eastern Theater Command said on Wednesday that it had successfully completed the tasks set as part of the military exercises near Taiwan.
China organized large-scale military drills deploying missiles, aircraft, and warships in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan last week. The exercises started on August 4 in six water areas around the island and were supposed to end on August 7.
China Central Television published an article on Sunday that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army would now “regularly” conduct military exercises east of the so-called “median line” of the Taiwan Strait. The article noted that China’s drills demonstrated that “the so-called territorial waters of Taiwan do not exist, Taiwan is part of China and the Chinese fleet sails in its own territorial waters.”
According to Chinese tabloid Global Times, citing milita

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