China To Rewrite Quran, Bible Amid Crackdown On Uighur Minority

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The Holy Quran

Beijing is preparing to rewrite the Islamic and Christian holy books amid crackdown on the country’s Uighur Muslim minority, the Daily Mail reported on Tuesday.

New editions of the Quran and the Bible are to exclude content that goes against the beliefs of the China’s leading Communist Party as part of a project calling for a “comprehensive evaluation of the existing religious classics aiming at contents which do not conform to the progress of the times,’’ it said citing a top party official.

Since 2017, the Chinese government has been rounding up Uighurs and detaining them in a massive network of internment camps, which hold over 1 million people. China, for its part, claims the Uighurs is being educated in “vocational training centres” designed to combat Islamic extremism.

The Uighurs are a Muslim people, speaking a Turkic language related to that spoken in Turkey.

Ankara in March said China’s Uighur camps were a “great shame for humanity” and called on the international community to help shut them down. But the Turkish government has since remained silent since on the ongoing oppression of the Chinese minority.

The order for the rewriting of the Quran and Bible was given last month during a meeting held by the Committee for Ethnic and Religious Affairs of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, a group which oversees the ethnic and religious matters in the country, it said. (Agencies)

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