Crime Branch Arrest 2 Doctors Of ISM

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The Legitimate Desk

The Crime Branch on Monday intervening night arrested two doctors of ISM for their alleged involvement in forging documents and blackmailing people. The sources in the Crime Branch said that Dr Shabir Ahmad and Dr Zahoor Ahmad were arrested during the nocturnal raids at their respective residences for the further investigation. On Tuesday, they have been produced in the designated court of the Crime Branch for the further remand to investigate into the matter.

“We are seeking their remand for next 24 hours for the investigation into the matter. We have recovered huge incriminating material in their possession after the raids were conducted a few days ago at ISM hospital Shalteng and at other 10 locations used by the group of doctors who were blackmailing people after forging the official documents,” said one of the senior officials at CB.

The official said that from the accused doctors, the letter pads were also designed by a fake association which they were using to wield influence to secure illegal gains and make money from the people.

“There are huge transactions made by these doctors after they opened a bank account and forced people to donate in it. We are probing if the money was used for anti national and anti social activities”.

Pertinently, any government officials remaining in police custody for 24 hours is suspended as per service rules.

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