Digging Deep In The Crevices

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Numarik Shafi 

When the night befalls on her city,

She wanders in a nearby desert, cloaked

In a tattered black gown. And the owl, her

eternal companion.  She walks on the infinite sands,

only cactus her keen observer.

Above, sky; a garden of the spine, stars in a jiffy,

she tries to sight the pole star, grief!

It’s missing. Hoots! For the oasis

to appear, while she, a captive of

Mirage runs wild in the desert.

Eloped from her companion, to and

fro she pendulums in a labyrinth.

Amid emptiness, damaged director

Over her wrist, she follows,

Realising, mind has played a conundrum

of bizarre. She traces Her footsteps

back to home, but

Alas! The winds have played their


From the far lands of

Bedouins, winds sing to her a

funeral song.

Drumming ballads of

thought stretching.

Author’s bio: Numarik Shafi is an optimistic reader, who aspires to become a spiritual writer and a visionary to dive deep into the waters of wisdom.

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