Digital QR code to provide modern services to the citizens in Srinagar : SMC Commissioner

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 Authorities in Jammu and Kashmir on Monday said that digital QR code or Quick Response Code being provided to every household will provide modern services to the citizens of Srinagar.

Talking to media persons, Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Srinagar Smart City Athar Aamir Khan said that digital QR house code aims to provide modern services in the city.

Jammu Kashmir government recently decided to provide digital QR codes to every household including streets, heritage buildings, and residential houses in Srinagar for easily tracing the address of a place.

SMC Commissioner said that QR code will complete documentation of the house, which could be possible from this system and added that better planning can be done with this method.

He said “each metropolitan city has a specific system for finding a house address”.

Khan said that “this (digital QR house code) provides complete documentation of the house and will help to know who the house is used for either for commercial purposes or is it residential, its electricity connection, water supply and other related things”.

He said that a Geographic Information Survey (GIS) mapping of the entire city has been done and house to house survey of 2.30 lakh houses have so far been completed in Srinagar city.

The SMC Commissioner said that a street number system has been generated and an address system of houses is also being created

Khan said that the aim of digital QR code is to provide modern services and better planning in the city.

The CEO said that a metal board will be installed in front of every house on which QR code and house address will be written.

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