‘Doordarshan Censored For Biased Coverage’

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Lawmakers on Friday censored official broadcaster Doordarshan for its “biased coverage” of the on-going session of the assembly.

DoordarshanLeading the attack on the Mundi House, National Conference Kangan lawmaker, Mian Altaf alleged that Doordarshan is “not taking the house seriously”.

“What do they telecast,” he said, “they are not serious with regard to this august house.” He alleged that they show a few government officers in their bulletins.

Joined by Communist lawmaker M Y Tarigami, the duo asked deputy speaker, Nazir Ahmad Gurezi, to put the Doordarshan on notice.

“It is biased,” the legislators alleged, “its cameras move around PDP-BJP government only and a few select officers. There is no space for alternative voice.”

Asking media to report “without fear or favour”, the deputy speaker said that his office shall be contacting Doordarshan and it the matter will be taken up with them. “They should not be biased,” he asserted. He said DD will be summoned and the issue will be raised with them.(Agencies)

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