DPS Students Protest Against Admn For Disallowing Abhaya In Campus

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ABAYAThe students of Delhi Public School (DPS) Srinagar Friday protested against the school authorities for disallowing a female teacher to wear abaya in the campus.
A protesting student from DPS Srinagar, which anonymity, told KNS over phone that the school administration did not allow on Thursday a Muslim teacher for donning Abhaya inside the school.
“The Principal of our School asked the female teacher that either choose your job or your dress,” the student said.
The student said that they protested against the administration for forcing on teachers the dress of their choice.
“It is completely injustice to force a person to wear dress of the choice the school administration wishes. It is unbecoming of a school that claims to provide education to students,” he said.
“We demand the teacher be called back and reinstated as she has resigned in protest and the school authorities desist from forcing dress code on the teachers,” the student said.
In an email to KNS, a student, who wished his name not to be made public, said: “Yesterday in DPS Srinagar we encountered a communal attack when one of our teachers was told to choose between her (abaaya) Islamic dress and her job by our principal. Though she chose her abaaya and was made to quit from the job.”
“That in a Muslim majority state what sort of difficulties we are facing apart from this matter we are not even allowed to offer Salah in the holy month of Ramdhan or any other (sic),” the student said.
The student said the teacher was told by school principle that ‘she does not like Abhaya and should not wear it in future’. The students boycotted their classes.
The student said that the teacher was asked to leave when she preferred Abhaya. “The students assembled in the School ground and staged protest against the administration for firing a teacher.” (KNS)

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