Editorial: Kashmir Is Beyond Towns and Cities!

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In this ongoing summer, the Jammu and Kashmir administration deserves appreciation. It has met a long pending demand of people and launched a drive to macadamize all roads and lanes.

The drive is going on in full swing in cities and major towns. Most of the roads across the towns and cities are fully macadamized. The road network of the valley had completely been dilapidated and had shaken the confidence of people in administration directly controlled by New Delhi. Post Article 370 abrogation, the people in the Union Territory had huge expectations with the central government.

It had promised all round development of the UT and assured the infrastructure would be built world class since the valley is the global tourist destination. But that didn’t happen till now. Post August 5, 2019 the governance has severely suffered due to three successive lockdowns.

Since the developmental work has begun to pick up now and the macadamization of the road network seems the first priority, the administration led by Manoj Sinha must look beyond the towns and cities since the majority of the population resides in rural areas. In the first place, the majority of the roads in the rural pockets have not been macadamized yet. And there seems no possibility of macadamization of these roads even in the second phase.

The road network in the rural areas is in shambles and people face very tough times in absence of a proper road network. Kashmir has a limited season for road macdamization and it can only happen for two or three months of summer across the year.

Sinha led administration must shift the focus to the valley and its all ignored parts and ensure the road network is properly macadamized. Other developmental works can be stretched throughout the year. In case any road is not macadamized in the ongoing drive, the people of these areas have to wait for a full one year.

And that is mere injustice with them! There is a supreme court ruling that no citizen can be deprived of basic necessities like roads, electricity and water but the irony is that we are all craving for the same even in the 21st century.

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