Edu Deptt B’la Establishes Community Schools

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With the educational system being one of the worst-hit due to the COVID-19 outbreak and its toll on children academically and psychologically, the education department in Baramulla has taken the novel initiative of ‘ Community Schooling System’ solely aimed at compensating this loss.

The education department in Baramulla has taken several novel initiatives to bridge the gap between a teacher and a student, ‘Community Schooling System’ is the most beneficial wherein a teacher in a particular area will establish a community level school and all the students in that particular area shall be provided academic as well as psychological help irrespective of their types of schooling.

These community schools shall be established with the help of local Auqaf Committees and Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs) and will run taking into account all the requisite advisories and SOPs so that the safety of the teachers, as well as the students, is secured.

Furthermore, the selection of these teaching-learning spots shall be done keeping in view various factors viz accessibility, feasibility, conducive environment, etc, also cleaning and disinfecting are part of a broad approach in preventing the spread of infection.

Moreover, the education department is using virtual teaching and assignment tools to reach the students and it has proved very significant for those students living in rural remote areas and having inadequate or poor internet facilities.

This initiative has been taken under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner Baramulla, Dr. G N Itoo who always remained concerned as far as the qualitative education is concerned, said Chief Education Officer G M Lone.

He further while explaining the details said, “We are also imparting education through virtual classes using a mobile app, a first of its kind e-learning platform, to help students with lectures and understanding syllabus.

“To strengthen the mode of virtual teaching, a robust viable mechanism has been put in place by DSEK to connect students with the Learning Management System (LMS) in which 26 schools in Baramulla have been chosen on a pilot basis for trials”, the CEO added.

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