Education helps in navigating through life’s challenges: Yogi

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Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday emphasised that education is the only way to navigate through the challenges of life while encouraging the students to keep pursuing their goals.

Felicitating the meritorious students of the state in an event held at Indira Gandhi Pratishthan, the CM said, “There is no alternative to hard work in life. With education you can overcome all challenges of life. There should be devotion to education and one must avoid arrogance related to marks. Remember, Ravana as a devotee lifted Mount Kailash, but as a conceited person, he could not even move Angad’s leg.”

Emphasising that the students must avoid self-complacency, he said, “After achieving 99 per cent marks, if you think there is no need for you to put in much effort any longer then you will certainly be in trouble.”

Yogi advised the students to work hard and be patient when dealing with challenges in life because opting for short-cuts paths never works out well in the long run.

Asserting that cheating-free examination is the reality of UP, he said that some major changes have taken place in the field of education in the last six years. “Earlier, board exams used to be held for one-and-a-half months. But now after 15 days of the exams, the results are declared on time,” he said.

Stating that in times of crisis, one must face the challenges, the CM said, “India has proved this in the Covid period when India was running programmes of free testing, free treatment and free vaccination, while the rest of the world was reeling from this pandemic. In addition, the National Education Policy, which was put into place during the Covid period, brought about the biggest change in the field of education since independence.”

He said that the top 10 meritorious students of all the boards have been honoured in the capital while the top 10 district-level meritorious students have also been honoured by the ministers and public representatives of the government.

Yogi said that tablets are being distributed to two crore students in UP. “Apart from this, the Abhyudaya Coaching facility has been provided. Dilapidated schools have been rehabilitated. New institutions are being opened. Eighteen Atal residential schools are being opened for poor children. Without any discrimination, the work of taking the schemes of the government to the people is going on. This is the real Ram Rajya.”

During this, the Chief Minister felicitated meritorious children, Priyanshi Soni of Sitapur, Shubh of Mahoba, Irfan of Chandauli, Kosha Sharma of Moradabad, Radhika Singhal of Meerut and Abhish Singh of Agra.

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