Educational Guidance Can Help Shape Destinies

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Ahanger Mudasir

Guidance is a process to discover the potentialities of an individual and to develop him through his own efforts. It does not solve the problem of an individual but help him to solve his own problems for personal satisfaction.

Generally, we often come across with this definition that Education is the acquisition of knowledge. But with the passage of time, Different philosophers and thinkers viewed it in the light of what they have sensed about the term Education. They have given different connotations in terms of simple quotations from the perspective of pure understanding and knowledge of the subject. According to John Dewey, Education is the development of all those capacities in the individuals which enables him to control his environment and fulfill his possibilities. One more quotation given by Gandhi, Education is drawing out of the best in child- body, mind and spirit. In a border sense if we look the term Education is to widen up the horizons of our mindset and this would help us to understand the meaning of education.

From time immemorial it is an unceasing process originated when the humans have been settled on the earth and still it is flourishing and widening from nook and corner. Since then this discipline has brought many changes and developments in the world in terms of Educational values, Socio-Economic Development, Environmental Education, Political and Social understanding, Integration of states through economic corridors and allied sectors with which life of human being is associated.

Naturally, everyone has the ability or talent of doing something for achieving better in life but all talents are not instantly noticed in someone’s life. They need certain Guidance to know their talents which can raise them so high to achieve their goals. No one is a special learner in every field but everyone needs Guidance as (Rehbaree) to get succeeded in that field. Guidance is needed making us well-equipped and better adapted to overcome various challenges. There are many fields where we need Guidance to help individuals in doing so much. By giving my own example when I was a student of B.Sc final year, my Professor Imtiyaz Shahid once guided me in the lab how to dissect the Prawn to know about its visceral organs.

He simply guided me from which end you have to dissect it. I followed the same guideline by which I had dissected the Prawn without giving any wrong incision on its body. Sometimes it may be a personal guidance that assists an individual to perform the task but Guidance Providers largely help to number of individuals by delivering lectures in college and university Auditoriums and especially in well-organized school workshops wherein they give best solutions to different problems and doubts when students mutually interacting with them.

Educational Guidance in the context of education defines that it is a sort of assistance given by adequately trained and well-qualified educationists to the students in drawing out their inner capabilities as*Frobel once quoted that Education is the enfoldment of what is already enfolded in the germ*. So this clearly describes that there is already something embedded within an individual. Abilities can be in the form of talent, Art, Shrewdness in grasping things very fast and Reasoning Aptitude of solving difficult queries. In the academic field students sometimes fail to achieve targets which they have taken for the academic career. Not only the targets which they missed to achieve but also they get disturbed afterward feeling hopeless and lackadaisical in their trails. They couldn’t uphold a right consonance in the academic career. The Educational Guidance revamps the career of a student if it is to be given in a proper way with full knowledge and skills by Guidance providing trainers. It is overarching in the life of a student and giving such inspiration to unfold student’s hidden talents. When such different invisible traits of a student come out through proper Guidance then they would fully get developed by practicing them to face the challenges at ease. It is a career building assistance providing to students at all stages so that they find their place in the competitive world.

Once they practically learn such unprecedented educational guidance. It brings a viable vicissitude in them to learn how to struggle very hard to reshaping the abilities for developing the career. Guidance is important for all individuals even if they belong to different fields. In each field where an individual works needs Guidance to work effectively and efficiently to lessen the burden. This Guidance makes them quite resourceful and developing more ingenuity to perform better. A well trained expert will not help you physically but instead he prepares you through your own efforts. Academically a Student faces lots of problems due to preceding lacking of the proper Guidance in the time of need before deciding to enter into the Education field. Many a student whose career has been vanished and couldn’t have excelled well in their academic career, the reason is that they did not get Guidance from expertise Educationists.

Guidance is one part of the education that prepares a student to know his capacities and to discover them for achieving the whole progress in the academic career. It can help them further to procuring higher targets and find many opportunities along with the academic field. Guidance, therefore, enriches the cognitive strength of a student towards the scholastic journey. This paves the way forward for developing a well-balanced life and to be mentally strong for restructuring the academic ladder by holding a sound mind in making decisions. Students have to see many new forms of academic courses during the complete education. They need to learn everything empirically in making adjustments and choosing oriented goals concomitantly with time. Problems and challenges are inescapable in every institutional system. They will not come to hamper or kick us out at any stage if we have high standard learning abilities to tackle them without going to backlash. We can easily overcome the same challenges with better understanding and mental efficiency. Guidance should be given at the earlier stage of a student before choosing any goal or course for his career. From this process we can properly judge students interest and organically inclined aspirations. This phase draws out some observing signs on the basis of abilities that can help a trainer perfectly to suggest him the field to take in the future.

Guidance programs succor students to know their inner abilities and find a way through which they can work out academically blindsides through recommended learning techniques and methods. It covers all areas of academic components which are imperative for the students. In a realistic way it would mend and attenuating their loopholes by conducting many workshops in the institutions for Educational Guidance. In workshops, they appraise something worth considering in the students and they will later interpret by all accounts to give the best suggestions for taking the path in which they would be successful by deriving large benefits. A life challenging world sometimes pushes students to divert many other fields embroiling them in unnecessary activities that are not favorable to their learning environment might be affecting their career.

A student has to bear his own responsibilities and keep on engraving learning abilities continuously for further strengthening academic excellence so that it can promote him to reach the crescendo. It is a panacea for a student that can recover all his academic deficiencies. A student must inculcate to know his ability and to develop them by attaining proper intellectual growth. With increasing intellectual growth a student can make wise choices in the academic field and adjusting himself in the institutional curriculum. An academic career is a protracted process of learning in which a student would face to learn new steps for improving himself in connection with others in the course of examinations as well as in participating in Co-curriculum activities. This all will mould him that how much learning capability he should have to have for being a resourceful entity in the society.

 The Author is M.Sc From the university of Kashmir and can be reached at [email protected]

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