Explosion at gas station rocks Yemen’s capital

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 A massive explosion rocked a gas station in the Houthi-controlled Yemen’s capital of Sanaa on Sunday night, igniting a significant fire, reported by authorities and witnesses.

The blast occurred at the Mufazer gas station, which is situated in front of the al-Khurafi military camp in the northeastern part of the capital. Houthi forces cordoned off the area, with civil defence teams swiftly responding to the incident.

Witnesses said that the deafening explosion was heard throughout the entire city, and the fire that ensued was visible from miles away.

As of now, there have been no reports of casualties.

The Houthi group said in a statement that the fire was likely caused by an electrical short circuit at the station, which triggered the blast of a gas trailer in the station’s yard.

Residents in the vicinity evacuated their homes as a precaution against the potential spread of the fire, while firefighting efforts remain ongoing.

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