Fake doctor treats patients in Srinagar’s Lal Ded hospital for 3 days

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A man impersonating as a doctor has allegedly examined female patients for the past three days in the Government Lal Ded Hospital in Srinagar.

The impersonator was attending the patients in the highly sensitive labour room of the hospital and mostly prescribing them for ECG, Deputy Superintendent of Hospital Dr Mimoona told the media.

The impersonator has been handed over to the police, she said.

She said that “it is very difficult to see how this fake doctor made his entry to the labour room of the hospital amid heavy rush of patients and attendants”.

Dr Mimoona said that yesterday this fake doctor was noticed prescribing every patient in the labour for ECG and described himself as a Cardiologist who had come from Shri Maharaja Hari Singh (SMHS) Hospital Srinagar.

She said one of the doctors in the labour room rang her about this fake doctor who is describing himself as a cardiologist prescribing only ECG to patients. She said when we inquired from the SMHS hospital about this person they said no such doctor has been send from here.

“We called the security person of Jammu and Kashmir Police who were on duty and they took him to the control room where doctors remain who always questioned”, she said and added “the person was not looking mentally fit while talking to the security personnel”.

She said he was taken away by them.
The police have reportedly summoned the individual’s family to the police station and are awaiting medical documentation to assess his mental condition.

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