Five dead in an oil boiler explosion at SP organic industry in Sanga Reddy

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Five individuals, including the company’s director, lost their lives in a devastating oil boiler explosion at S P Organic Industry in Chandapur village, Hatnura Mandal, located in Sangareddy district, on Wednesday evening.

Approximately 30 individuals sustained injuries, some critically, as a result of the fire accident, which occurred while 60 employees were on duty, with 15 directly involved with the oil boiler.

Emergency services, including fire tenders, swiftly responded to the scene to extinguish the flames.

The injured were transported to Sangareddy Area Hospital for treatment, though authorities fear a potential rise in the death toll.

Police have initiated an investigation into the incident, with a case already registered.

Expressing profound sorrow over the tragedy, Chief Minister A. Revath Reddy instructed officials to expedite rescue and relief efforts while ensuring the best possible care for the injured.

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