Four people narrowly escape multiaxle truck turning turtle

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 In a road mishap that occurred on the Shimla-Theog-Chailla highway near Theog, four people narrowly escaped as a multiaxle truck fell after a blast in the front tyre around 2100 hrs on Wednesday.

The truck was going towards Chailla when it suddenly fell on two cars parking on the road. A traffic police could be seen in a Video directing a truck to go ahead, but it could have gone five to ten metres before suddenly turning, ramming two cars, and falling down on the roads.

Four people, including the truck driver, were rescued safely from the three vehicles. The truck was going to load apples at Parala Market.

Recent rains almost crippled vehicular traffic in the state, as most roads were affected. The NH-5 is closed for heavy vehicles at Chakimod, near Dharmpur in Solan district.

Apple season has just started in the state and is likely to continue until October. The state administration and Traffic police are facing a number of problems this season, including marketing and transportation.

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