Hospitals to reserve 5 pc of beds for dengue patients: Saurabh Bhardwaj

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Delhi Health Minister Saurabh Bhardwaj on Wednesday issued directions to all hospital authorities to reserve 5 per cent of the existing beds in the hospitals to cater specifically to dengue patients.

He said that this step was being taken to ensure preparedness in handling dengue cases effectively in any emergencies.

Dengue is a disease where the patient’s platelet count drops rapidly, putting their life at risk, considering the seriousness of the situation, Bhardwaj directed all hospital authorities to ensure that the test reports of patients with fever are obtained within six to eight hours of admission. This measure will enable prompt treatment in case a patient is diagnosed with dengue fever, potentially saving their life and preventing any further harm in the future, the office of Delhi health minister communique said.

Bhardwaj held a meeting today at the Delhi Secretariat with all nodal officers and Medical Superintendents of hospitals in Delhi to discuss measures for preventing dengue in the city, it said.

During the meeting, Bhardwaj individually inquired about the current situation of dengue in each hospital under their jurisdiction. It was reported that preparations to combat dengue are underway in almost all hospitals, and they appear to be well-prepared to handle dengue cases. However, no hospital official mentioned any emergency-like situation related to dengue so far, it said.

The hospitals authorities have been instructed to provide daily information on dengue patients admitted to the hospitals on the health department’s portal as this will help the government stay informed about the current situation of dengue in the national capital and enable them to make well-organized arrangements to tackle any potential emergencies effectively.

In the meeting, the hospitals authorities have also been instructed to establish separate wards for dengue patients in their respective hospitals. The minister said that this segregation will ensure that dengue patients receive prompt and adequate treatment with dedicated doctors and nursing staff.

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