I am surprised that in 21st century people in Kishtwar’s remote belts are without basic facilities: Azad

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The Democratic Progressive Azad Party, Chairman Ghulam Nabi Azad on Friday expressed that he is surprised that in the 21st century the people in the remote belts of Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir are without basic facilities.

“Even in the 21st century people of Marwah, Warwan and other far–flung areas live without electricity, mobile connectivity with no roads and bridges,” said Azad addressing a series of public meetings during his three-day tour of remote Marwah and Warwan areas of Kishtwar district.

He criticised the successive governments for ignoring remote villages of Kishtwar where development remains on paper and in power corridors.

“During my three-day tour I assessed and myself experienced major problems of no electricity, zero mobile connectivity and absolutely poor road infrastructure which pains me most as these areas have been totally left to fend for themselves over the years,” Azad said.

The DPAP Chairman has assured people of Marwah and Warwan that if elected he would ensure comprehensive development of the far-flung areas which have been ignored by successive governments after his tenure as chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir.

Azad also assured construction of tunnels which would connect these remote areas with Kashmir, electricity and mobile connectivity as villages remain cut off from the rest of the country most of the year.

Flaying the successive governments of ignoring Kishtwar’s remotest areas, the former chief minister assured people that two more blocks, higher secondary schools for Deharna, Changer, Gumri would be sanctioned by the DPAP government if elected to power.

“The valleys of Marwah and Warwan stand testimony to the majestic beauty which remains untapped and If elected the DPAP government would create jobs for unemployed youth by promoting tourism here and the tunnels would ensure round the clock connectivity with Kashmir from where tourists could flock these areas,” affirmed Azad who also promised to conduct special police recruitment drive for youth of Marwah and Warwan.

The residents of Sukhnai in Warwan recalled his efforts as Rajya Sabha MP in providing MPLAD assistance to 120 fire affected families in 2016 when the entire village was engulfed in devastating fire.

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