If China Hasn’t Occupied Territory, Why Were Our 20 Soldiers Martyred, Asks Sonia

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Aditi Tandon
Congress president Sonia Gandhi and party leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to state facts in respect of the ongoing LAC standoff between India and China and take the country into confidence on the matter.

In her video message on the occasion of the party’s “Speak Up for Jawans” campaign, Sonia Gandhi cited satellite images, media reports and former generals’ takes on the Chinese incursions into India and asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to explain if Indian land had indeed been taken.

“Is our territorial integrity being violated by China in Ladakh? Will the Prime Minister take the nation into confidence on the matter,” asked Sonia Gandhi.

In a video message put out as part of the Congress’ campaign to honour the soldiers who gave the supreme sacrifice in Ladakh, she asked why our soldiers were martyred when China had not captured any Indian territory, as claimed by the Prime Minister.

The Congress chief asked if no land had been taken, then why were 20 Indian soldiers killed.

“The nation wants to know if China has not transgressed into our land in Ladakh, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed, why were 20 soldiers martyred,” she asked.

Assuring support to the government, Sonia Gandhi asked the PM: “When and how will the government retrieve Indian territory?”

In a video posted few minutes after Sonia’s, Rahul Gandhi also questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi and pointed out to the satellite images and expert comments and said: “The Chinese have taken our land not at one point but at three points. The PM will have to speak the truth without fear and anxiety. If he says the land has not been taken and it has actually been taken China will stand to gain. We have to collectively fight China and push them out. So, speak the truth. Don’t be scared. Speak the truth that yes China has taken our land and we are going to act against them.”

Rahul again asked who had sent the 20 martyred soldiers to the border without arms and why. (TNS)

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