In A First Green Hills Experimental School Waves Off School Fee

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With Jammu and Kashmir facing financial crunch due to ongoing COVID19 pandemic and schools remaining off, Green Hills Experimental school in North Kashmir’s Baramulla town set an exemplary precedence and decided to waive off tuition fee of its students.

The unprecedented humane gesture won thousands of hearts for the school administration at a time when across the valley parents have been fighting and demanding the wave off of tuition fees of their wards in other private educational institutes.

“Eye-opener for all schools. We appeal that all the schools must take such a bold step so as to easy out the sufferings of the people,” Er. Tariq Ahmad Magloo, Gen. Secretary, Traders Federation Baramulla said.

The parents have urged other schools to follow the initiative so that those who faced financial issues during the ongoing lockdown may not face trouble.

“The administration of other private schools should also try to follow into the footsteps of this wonderful school which is just 4 kilometers away from Baramulla town.  People of Baramulla should try to make these types of institutions strong as they are not making the lives of parents miserable. We are proud to have such a school in our Baramulla,” writes an advocate, Mudasir Naqshbandi on his Facebook wall.

Prof. Khursheed Ahmad Bhat, Chairman, Green Hills Experimental School
Pic: The Legitimate

According to the school management, the parents are asked not to pay the tuition fee of students since June this year until lockdown ends. However, it has also given a complete wave off to the transport charges besides only charging fifty percent of tuition fees from March to June.

“Since August 2019, everything in the valley is put to halt. There is a critical situation economically and we need to understand the problem of parents on humanitarian grounds,” the chairman of the school Prof. Khursheed Ahmad told The Legitimate.

“This institution is not based on the business model but a quality facility for those parents who desire to provide quality education to their children but are unable to pay off,” he adds.

A good number of students in the school are already exempted from the tuition fee and transportation charges following their poor financial background at home.

Prof Khursheed said that many of the parents who can not afford to pay the fee of their children in private schools may be forced to discontinue their wards and that may push them for anti-social activities.

“If our youth losses the right track and pushes towards social waywardness and anti-social activities, that is our collective loss. So we need to rise above the economic interests and deliver to our society at this point in time,” he said.

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