In Kashmir Youth From Rich Families Mostly Fall To Drugs: Report

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Drug addiction has engulfed the youth of Kashmir Valley for multiple reasons, a report prepared by the disbanded State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) claimed. The age of most of the drug addicts range from 16 to 25 years even as some girls have also fallen to the drug menace.
According to the report there are multiple reasons behind the drug addiction and one of them is the depression as well.
The report reads that rampant unemployment, personal reasons, family matters, political uncertainty and love affairs are also the reasons people taking to drugs. Though, Jammu Kashmir Police started a drive against drug menace in recent past and held scores of drug peddlers but the addiction of drugs among affected persons has not come down.
As per the report 4% people within the age group of 16 to 25 have been badly hit due to this drug menace. Over 39% people started taking drugs due to political uncertainty leading to depression. Failure in love matters is also a reason and due to this over 9% youth has got affected.
The report reveals that some affected youth maintained that they used drugs to overcome depression. Others said, they became habitual of taking drugs after trying them during some cheerful moments like marriage, get together, picnic etc. There were some who claimed that unemployment landed them in this quagmire. Report has also revealed that over 5% people used drugs to overcome the health problems.
As per the report, youth from both well-to-do and poor families are found involved in drug addiction. Over 34% youth from rich families have fallen for this menace while 19% youth belong to poor families.

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