India, Pakistan Need To Pursue Closer Ties On Security Front: US

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IndoPak_AFP3India and Pakistan need to pursue closer relations with each other on the security front, the US has said while asserting that there is “no justification” for terrorism.

“We need to pursue closer relations with India, with Pakistan, and they need to also pursue closer relations on the security front, certainly, with each other,” State Department Deputy Spokesman, Mark Toner, told reporters at his daily news conference yesterday.

“That’s to the benefit of all of us, to be frank, and that includes Afghanistan as well, because there continue to be serious terrorist threats,” he said in response to a question on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks on terrorism during his address to the joint sitting of the Congress this week.

Toner said he agrees with Prime Minister Modi’s views on terrorism. “I do agree with him; there’s no justification for terrorism, and we all need to work in a concerted and coordinated fashion to address it, and we’re trying to do so,” the Deputy Spokesman said.

Responding to another question on Modi’s remarks on the Congress being temple of democracy, he said: “We are only one form of democracy; there are many forms in the world. India is obviously the world’s largest democracy. We believe it’s the best political system out there, but we’re not saying that our brand, so to speak, is the one for everyone. We’re all working to create the perfect democracy.”


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