India should remain firm on its stand on Gaza war: Mayawati

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Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati on Thursday said that in the Ukraine war Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that today is not the era of war and now India should remain firm on its stand on the ongoing war in Gaza.

Taking to X, formerly known as twitter, Mayawati wrote, “When regarding the Ukraine war Modiji said that today is not the era of war, western leaders praised him a lot. Now India also needs to stand firmly on its stand regarding the Gaza war, which everyone should experience.”

She said, “No matter where there is war in the world, in today’s global world the economies of most countries are interconnected. The Ukraine war continues and the whole world is affected by it. Therefore, it is not difficult for anyone to guess how devastating a new war anywhere in the world will be for humanity.”

The BSP supremo said, “Since its independence, India has been very active for peace, harmony and freedom in the world and against racism. Whose inspiration and strength it has got from its egalitarian and humanist constitution. This identity of India should remain in the world.”

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