India to host Olympic Session in 2023

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Mumbai, Feb 19 (UNI) For the first time in 40 years, India will be hosting the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session in 2023.

It will be held at the Jio World Centre in Mumbai. The Session is the general meeting of the  IOC members. It is the supreme organ, and its decisions are final.

Union Minister of Sports Anurag Thakur  said: “A historic moment as the International Olympic Committee Session is coming to India in 2023.” The event and related meetings will take place in May and June.

“Mumbai in India will  host for the first time in history an #IOCSession. The 86th Session 1983  was held in New Delhi. 40 years later the IOC Session will be back in  India,” said an IOC official.

“Indian sport has made giant strides in recent years. Excited and proud to have been a part of the Indian delegation for this landmark occasion,” Thakur said.

“The Olympic Movement comes back to India after 40 years, as we have the honour of hosting the IOC Session in Mumbai in 2023! I’m excited for the youth of India to experience the magic of the Olympics. It is our dream to host the Olympic Games in India in the years to come,” said Nita Ambani, IOC member.

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