Inspiration: Where To Find?

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Syed Mustafa Ahmad
Inspiration is a word that is not commonly found in our society. It has a long chain of causes responsible for this. In the past, societies used to have some enlightened persons to follow. They had all virtues to be an inspiration or inspirers.

But in our times, I think there are no inspirers, who can willingly motivate us to follow them. There are pseudo-inspirers in the nook and corner of the world in general and in the valley of Kashmir in particular, who never miss an opportunity to call themselves to be the truest inspirers. The question that arises is that are they the truest inspirers? Do they fulfill the criteria for a true inspirer? If they don’t, how can we find a true inspirer? Is still there any inspirer in the world? What are the virtues found in a true inspirer?

The above questions will be discussed in this piece of writing. I want to make it clear that on the paper, we have innumerable inspirers, but on the ground level, no one is worthy of it. So, keeping this thing in mind, I will discuss the causes responsible for this messy situation in the beginning and the remedial measures at the end.

The first cause responsible for the lack of inspirers is that most of the people don’t know the ground situation at all. The social happenings, political happenings, economic happenings, etc., are not understood by many. When there is no in-depth knowledge of the present circumstances, how can a person declare himself or herself to be an inspirer? When the day to day happenings don’t come in the minds of people, how can anyone take pride in declaring that I am an inspiration for him or her?

The second cause responsible for this is that we never learn anything deeply. We impatiently learn some superficial things and declare at every platform that we understand ourselves well. We are the panacea for all your ills. But the paradox is not understandable because the declarer should have remained silent if he or she has learned anything due to the fact that a developed personality doesn’t bother about anyone until and unless he or she doesn’t know the minutest truth. How is it possible that a wanderer can guide anyone?

The third cause responsible for this is that we always try to live in the past or dream about the bright future, without doing anything at the ground level. Past is past but it repeats itself that nothing is permanent. Everything goes through a change. If there is difficulty now, tomorrow may bring happiness and vice versa. About the future, we can only hope for the best. But the future demands that you should have done your homework neatly and cleanly in the present. If this is not the case, it is then very difficult to go on gaining something tangible or concrete. Our so-called inspirers talk about the glorious past of some communities like the Muslims. What purpose does it serve? It serves only one purpose that is for a moment, we feel happy and delighted. We come out of the sadness. But after this brief moment of happiness, we have to face real-life situations. For every purpose, our inspirers should have done a lot of homework. They should have told us that it was Islam that made the Muslims the torchbearers of the world in ancient times. Instead, we were told that the Muslims made Islam something grand. This is an example that demonstrates that this kind of mindset is found in our pseudo-inspirers, can be dangerous. They will never miss an opportunity in declaring that we, the Muslims, are the best community in the world and forget to live in the present times, when the rot has reached the foundations of our identity.

The fourth and the last cause responsible for this according to my opinion is that we imitate others in becoming inspirers. If inspirers of any particular can inspire people, we blindly fall into the pray and become inspirers. Those true inspirers have done their homework very patiently and, we, being impatient at every moment, think that we are behind in this race. They take their nations to the newest heights and we remain there where we have started sometime before.

Now, let us shift our focus to the remedial measures that can help us to come out of the present despair. The despair that doesn’t seem to have an end should be mitigated at the earliest. What are the ways to be followed? These are discussed below.

The first remedial measure to be applied is that if someone wants to be an inspiration for others, he or she should know the ground reality. Until and unless, the ground realities are not deeply known, the dream for having an enlightened society is a distant dream. So, to be an inspiration means to be an inspiration for the self first.

The second remedial measure is that there should be genuine relevance of the past to the present and the future as well. The common people should not be wasted in the glorious achievements of the past. They should not only be prepared for the present but the future as well. A well planning and the enlightened personalities should be given the front seat. Their ideas should be accepted both in times of happiness and despair. They should never be overlooked. They should guide the community at every stage of life. They should bring the approaching dangers very close. They should prepare accordingly for those. If this is not the case, the approaching dangers will devastate the society.

The third remedial measure is that there should be debates and discussions about real inspirers. They should be identified. Every attribute of a true inspirer should be identified and praised accordingly. Any loophole, if found, should not over be looked. It looks a difficult job but if having a true intention behind it, it can prove beneficial.

The fourth remedial measure is that now and then, we should introspect so that the need for inspirers is not felt. Introspection will help us in knowing the world well. The majority of the civilizations are in habit of introspection. That is why they progress every day.

In short, the above discussion has made it clear that inspiration should start from the self. When we are endowed with brilliant minds, why there should be a necessity to look at outside things or behalf. We must understand that if we don’t try to change ourselves, no one will come forward to change us. So, let us hope that we start to inspire ourselves at the earliest.

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