“Irresponsible Media, A Bigger Threat To Democracy In India”

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Shafqat Shaheen Sheikh                  Irresponsible Media

The only one ray of hope among a common man was Media as he was having lot of trust that only media can do justice with him. The current scenario of media had become threat to Democracy majorly due to his hate mongering and abysmal speeches and maximum media houses failed to bring factual and positive Journalism in public domain. Few days ago , during a protest somewhere in my valley , A protester rocked upon a so-called reporter not to cover their protest because alleging that before that the writer had received hefty amount from poor masses for publication of issues being faced by protesters .
In this modern era of technology everyone in field of private or government sectors feels easier to do work without spending much of his time taking an advantage of internet. Taking help from other associates is another thing but copying the style of others is menace in society just like western culture, everyone wants to travel on same track.
“Like the other fields of working in society, the illegal Copying and Pasting has taken its first position”.
In the field of Journalism that is called as 4th pillar of democracy has lost its sheen as the copy and paste journalists are waiting for same.
The information technology age has made it easier for people to copy and paste works then make it believe as their own work.
A lot of people active on social networking sites simply copy and paste content updated by others on their own site is copy pasted by others using their own names and murdering the 4th pillar of democracy in Democratic India.
Being a Freelancer from last few years, I experienced that “There is a time now when plagiarism is galore but even then there is a trend to simply take the text and matter from a unknown source and put it like a news without confirmation and authenticity. In the race of first and fast news truth and reality dies it’s own death. The net resultant is chaos lies and hollow stories doing the rounds making life of common people more than a hell”.
Calling them CRAP (Copy Rewrite And Post) journalists.
Copy pasting is a criminal offense and erring journalists shall be treated with iron hands.
Copy paste discourages research and promotes laziness to think of new ideas.
It is not wrong to go on social networking sites of others but what is wrong is to copy that information of other and paste into ones blog as your own.
Numbers of social networking sites users have since become copy and paste journalists of irresponsible media house that creates a black spot on democratic pillar. Not only this there is every 10th or 12th failed students and calling himself as journalists that had murdered this profession. In these days the conflicts are arising due to circulation of fake and false information among society.  Irresponsible media has become a hub of corruption and a threat on democratic pillar, as the same on telephonic calls and other means of communications introduces themselves as Bureau Chief, Special Correspondents and other designations of print and electronic media that in field of journalism is question mark for information department of state as concerned department had yet not taken any action against such fake journalists who even don’t know the value of this profession.
This creates a problem where we cap people who have insufficient knowledge in their field of working. The real test comes when they cannot apply knowledge.
Witnessing the same in various sectors, Copy paste and irresponsible media had reached on peak as the 4th pillar of democracy had become menace of corruption and blackmailing in society.
“Viewing the value of journalist in society, A real journalist is bridge between poor masses and administration to reach out the cause of poor masses on ground without any caste, creed, color and religions. Unfortunately Copy paste journalist had became murderer of democracy in society as poor masses feel themselves unsafe from “CRAP “Copy Rewrite and Paste Journalists .
Everyone in society is unsafe from irresponsible media as they misuses the power of 4th pillar of democracy and people living in society feel unsafe.
The quality of our profession is compromised to create the stories before they go to the sites and copy the information to their sites hoping of course that their readership has not seen the same story where from they took it. The bottom line is you were not called to be writers, try other things, unless of cause your calling is to be a CRAP journalist and irresponsible media in which case you are doing quite well.
A mass leader and crown of Congress in Jammu and Kashmir while addressing mammoth gathering in Bunjwah described that irresponsible media and fake Journalism is bigger threat on Democracy who are spreading hate mongering among society . While praising the efforts of News 18 Urdu, Azad said that due to News 18 Urdu yet people trust upon Media besides, there is bigger threat on Democracy.
Scholars penalizes for duplicate content because they are in a constant move to promote quality content. They would like their first page results to be from rich websites that provide their users quality. I applaud them for that effort. They have really worked a milestone. Any content creator knows how it feels when someone just copies and pastes your hard work.
Prefer to give you one blog post of real evidence and articles gains the knowledge of one who uses his own mind of thinking to write and encourage any of readers that may be engaged in such an embarrassing practices to refrain from them.
I personally feels disgusting when I see everyone who fails in every sector and is representing from media channels or print media , that results we are every upcoming days facing hardships due to irresponsible media across the state.
It is need of hour to tighten the noose of fake journalists and put complete ban on irresponsible media who are not having a professional qualifications and diploma so as society across the state and county can refrain trust upon press.
The views expressed in the article are authors own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of The Legitimate.

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