IWF urges Modi govt to seek immediate extradition of all anti-India elements

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Expressing serious concern over repeated attacks on the Indian establishments in overseas, Indian World Forum (IWF) Puneet Singh Chandhok on Tuesday urged the Narendra Modi-led government at the Centre to seek immediate extradition of all “anti-India” elements.

The statement of the IWF chief comes amid the reports of attack on Indian consulate in US.

“IWF strongly condemns the ongoing attempts to target Indians and Indian diplomatic missions in Canada , United Kingdom and United States of America by anti India forces including Khalistani activists in collusion with foreign agencies,” said Chandhok.

He further said, “Indians and Indian diplomats in these countries face an imminent life threat there from Khalistani radicals. Unfortunately these nations have failed to stop promotion of separatism against our nation on their soil and lack of strong action against such disgruntled elements has brought a huge displeasure among the Indian diaspora worldwide.”

“Indian diaspora has always been law abiding and contributed in the economic growth of the nation where ever they have been settled. I am also a victim of a heinous attack by Khalistani activists in collusion with ISI Pakistan in August 2018 during my tour in US and till date authorities there have failed to provide justice.If the authorities there had considered a fool proof penalisation on them then such nuisance wouldn’t have continued till date,” the IWF chief said.

Chandhok also requested the government of these countries to act seriously against such “nefarious agents including Khalistanis and to ensure safety of Indian diaspora living there at highest level including implementation of Vienna Convention.”

“I also urge upon PM Narendra Modi and his government to seek immediate extradition of all the anti-India elements including Khalistani terrorists overseas. Government of India is requested to consider in imposing death penalty on these disgruntled elements for continuously vandalising our diplomatic missions and breaching the sovereignty and integrity of our nation at large,” he said.

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