J&K Govt Issues 18.52 Lakh Domicile Certificates Till September 21, 2020

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 Jammu and Kashmir Government has issued over 18.52 Lakh domicile certificates against over 21.99 lakh applications received till today (September 21,2020).

As per the consolidated figures coming from across twenty districts of  Union territory,  a total 21,99,513 persons applied for seeking the Domicile  certificate, of which  20,87,815 applications were found complete in all respects, while rest  1,11,698 were rejected for want of prescribed documents. However, against 20,87,815 complete applications, 18,52,355 persons (88.72%)  were issued the DCs till today and the rest are  in the process.

Of the total  Domicile certificates issued in the UT, over 1627461   were issued under clause 1(a) and Clause 1(b) (PRC holders and their chdilren), while 172565 were issued the certificates under clause 2(a) and Clause 2(b) (to state subject applicants and non-state subject applicants and their children), including 119730 to state subjects and 50123 to non-state subject; 34473 to the students under (clause3) including 24508 state subjects and 9870 non-state subjects; and 19479 to Registered Migrants/ children ( Clause 4).

Total DCs issued to the Non State Subjects excluding WPRs, Balmiki and Gorkhas is 30,445 ie 1.64 % of the total 18,52,355 DCs.

Similarly, the total DCs issues to the Non State Subjects stood at 59,993, including 17,978 to West Pakistani Refugees, 1,825 to Balmiki community and 755 to Gorkhas which cumulatively account to 20548

The total certificates issued include over 497238 in the Kashmir division and 1335643 in Jammu division.

The process of issuing domicile certificates in the union territory was started in the last week of June, 2020.  The application for the issuing of the domicile certificates can be submitted in tehsildar offices, even as eligible persons can also apply online. The online facility has also been made available to avoid gatherings in view of Covid threat.

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