J&K has given its verdict, now time for New Delhi

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Following the culmination of Lok Sabha elections, the Jammu and Kashmir witnessed an unprecedented voter turn out allaying all the apprehensions that it may stay out of the democratic exercise after Article 370 abrogation. It broke all the past records of voter turnout and of many other states in the country.

This has been a historic win of democracy and a slap on the faces of all those who believed Jammu Kashmir has no faith in Union of India and demanded secession.

The democracy in Jammu Kashmir was on the death bed over the last three decades after insurgency broke out that has its roots in the rigged elections of 1986 when Jammu Kashmir National Conference with an active support of Congress led government in Delhi robbed the mandate of MUF.

Many of the candidates of MUF, however, choose a violent means of resistance backed by the arch rival Pakistan and demanded freedom from the country which triggered a large-scale conflict in Jammu and Kashmir that had wreaked havoc to its economy and consumed nearly one lakh lives.

 2019 changed the situation on ground since BJP believed that the conflict had its roots in the privileges granted to the Jammu and Kashmir and bars Union of India to interfere directly into its administrative affairs.

After stripping the historic state of all its privileges on August 5, 2019, the local political parties and political observers termed it as the last nail in the coffin to sustain democracy in the Union territory. But the things have on ground worked contrary and democracy seems more strengthened and unlike in past people are seeking solutions with in the paradigms of democratic structure.

People had varied of reasons to vote in this election and all believed if they choose the right representative their issues may get addressed. No one believed that gun or the violence is the solution. Even the Pakistan inclined Jamaat Islami also expressed its desire to participate in the election process provided the ban is lifted on the party imposed by Ministry of Home Affairs.

So, this is all culminating into a healthy side of democracy and onus lies on the centre government to strengthened it and live upto the expectations of the people.  The Assembly elections must be held on time given by the Supreme Court of India as people have no elected government since 2018. GoI can’t afford to annoy the people of Jammu Kashmir anymore of its democratic rights.

People have given their verdict and reposed their faith in democracy, so is the turn of New Delhi to equally show its respect towards the democratic rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

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