Joint celebration by Russian, Ukrainian athletes

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Beijing, (UNI/Sputnik): International Olympic Committee (IOC) chief Thomas Bach described joint celebration by Russian and Ukrainian freestyle skiers, Ilya Burov and Oleksandr Abramenko, as a symbolic event in times of high tensions between the two countries.

On Wednesday, Burov won a bronze medal in men’s aerials, while Abramenko took the gold medal.

Then there was another one [story] in the area of freestyle skiing where the Olympic medal winners, Oleksandr Abramenko from Ukraine and Ilya Burov from the Russian Olympic Committee celebrated their success together with a warm embrace. What a symbol in these times,? Bach told a press conference.

The Beijing Olympic Games, launched on February 4, are due to end on Sunday.

Moscow and Kiev have been at odds in recent months as West-driven claims of Russia’s alleged plans of invasion of Ukraine have been flaring up existing tensions. Moscow has consistently dismissed allegations of the intended attack, pointing to NATO’s activities in Eastern Europe as a security threat to Russia, as well as an increase in military deliveries from the West to Ukraine.

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