Kashmiri Pandits hold special prayers in Shiv temple after 34 years

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After 34-years, Kashmiri Pandits held special prayers in Shiv temple at village Dhobiwan in Tangmarg area of North Kashmir’s Baramulla district, Pandits said.

The gates of the temple were opened after over three decades together by the Pandit and Muslim community members of the village Dhobiwan and held special prayers and distributed “Prasad” on Sunday.

The non-migrant Pandits of the village were overjoyed and it was visible. Last time the “Hawan” was performed together by the both communities more than three decades ago in the village.

Syed Amir Suhail, Sarpanch of the village told media that in village Dhobiwan the tradition was that both the members of the community Hindu and Muslims were together sharing the joy on the occasions.

“Today we have assembled here alongwith our Pandit brothers after over 30 years who are doing Hawan as per their religious belief and Muslims have always shared their shoulders with them since ages here,” he said.

Suhail said the Pandits who migrated in 1989 from the village, their properties are safe and in the same conditions since they left the village.

“Today when they joined in the Hawan the Muslims of the village wholeheartedly welcomed them and felt the same atmosphere of celebrating the religious events together after decades in the village”, he said.

A non-migrant Pandit teacher identified as Veer Ji of the Village Dhobiwan said that they organised this programme of Hawan on the occasion of Swami Ram after 34 years.

He said the last programme was held in 1989.

“I feel the same atmosphere today as was visible 34 years ago in this village”, he added.

He said today we did a new beginning with the help of some Muslim friends and the administration and the locals provided full support to celebrate the occasion after 34 years.

Suneel Bhan, another non migrant Pandit, felt joyous to see Kashmiri Pandits and their Muslim villagers together celebrating the occasion.

“I feel the same brotherhood and the fragrance of the soil which we missed all these years today”, he said.

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