Know; Why Virat Kohli Came Out To Bat On The Day His Father Passed Away

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New Zealand

09-1462790009-viratkohliTeam India’s flamboyant batsman and Test skipper Virat Kohli is in unstoppable form at the moment and smashing world records with every passing day.
The aggressive right-handed-batsman has emerged as the new run machine in the world cricket, who seems to be only getting better as he plays.
Kohli gave an indication of his strong will-power and tough mental level at a very early stage of his life. Cricket experts often recall the incident of his childhood, when he came to bat for Delhi in a Ranji Trophy match on the day his father passed away. Virat’s father passed away at 3 a.m. on December 19, 2006, but much to the surprise of his teammates, Kohli, who was then a teenager, came back to resume his unbeaten knock and scored 90 valuable runs. His gritty knock helped Delhi save follow-on against Karnataka.
“For me, not completing a cricket game was equivalent to committing a sin. Importance that cricket holds in my life is above everything else.” Team India’s Test captain also said that it was an incident which gave him a chance to stay firm in difficult situation. “My father’s death gave me the strength to fulfill my dreams, and that of my father’s also,” Kohli added.

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