Leaked Audio Conversation: J&K Cong says Delimitation Report ‘scripted’ by BJP

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Jammu, (UNI): The Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee on Friday said the leaked Audio Conversation between BJP President Ravinder Raina and former Minister Shakti Parihar has vindicated the stand of the Congress party that the ruling government ‘scripted’ the delimitation report as claimed the Audio leak, which was against the autonomy of the Constitutional and Autonomous Independent Institutions of the Country and cast aspersions of its independent working.

Launching a scatting attack on the ruling BJP following the leakage of audio conversation between BJP President and his party colleague regarding the delimitation report, wherein the former was heard, disclosing him that he was attaching a particular area with his Constituency for the benefit of the later, JKPCC Chief Ghulam Ahmed Mir said that this shows how the ruling party and this government interfered in the working of the autonomy of independent institutions in the country, repeatedly charged by the Congress and the entire opposition parties in the country.

“Majority of people of different constituencies are perturbed by the illogical and unjustified delimitation report and have been protesting over such report,” Mir, flanked by Working President Raman Bhalla, Vice President Haji Abdul Rashid, General Secretaries Yogesh Sawhney and other party functionaries here told reporters at a press conference.

“Now the cat is out of the bag, who are the real culprit behind such illogical and politically motivated delimitation of Assembly Constituencies and bifurcation of areas,” he added.

He said this proves that the government interfered in the autonomy of various constitutional independent and democratic institutions, violating all norms by the present government.

 “PCC leadership is reaching out at various Districts and areas to know the grass violation of norms as well as highly objectionable and division of the different.

Assembly Constituencies with an eye for the political gain ignoring the ground realities and the convenience of the people as well as converting the political nature of the different constituencies against norms and convenience as is being reported,” he added.

 He said the party demands delimitation commission should review and redraw its report before putting it in public domain, while taking into account various parameters, physical features and public convenience as well as the means of communication otherwise, there is already a lot of hue and cry.

“Congress party stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the public of different areas, where injustice is sought to be done.

Congress will not sit silent, if due norms and parameters are not taken into consideration, as is being observed and exposed in the audio conversation,” he added.

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