Mohammad Yusuf Slams Kaneria’s Comments On Discrimination, Twitter Wonders Why He Converted

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The Legitimate    Discrimination

After shocking revelations made by former Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar about Danish Kaneria, many have lashed out in support for Kaneria. Including the likes of Gautam Gambhir who took to twitter to bash Pakistan’s mistreatment for their own.

Confirming the revelations, Kaneria also sought help from Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and cricket administrators. “My life is not in good shape and i approached many individuals in Pakistan and around the world to resolve my issues. Yet I have not received any help.” said Kaneria.

“Issues of many cricketers of Pakistan have been resolved though. I gave everything possible for Pakistan as a cricketer and I am very proud of it. And in the hour of need I am positive that the people of Pakistan will help,” Kaneria added.

But, former Pakistan cricketer Mohammad Yousaf has condemned the comments regarding discrimination in the Pakistan team. “I condemn the comments made about discrimination regarding players from the minority in the Pakistan Team. I have been a member of the team & I’ve always had a lot of love & support from the team, the management & the fans! Pakistan Zindabad,” tweeted Yousaf.

This sparked a furious reaction from Twitterati who are now reminding Yousaf of his days prior to converting his religion. Mohammad Yousuf, previously Yousuf Yohanna was one of the few Christians to play for the Pakistan national cricket team.(FPJ)

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