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The Jammu and Kashmir government has set a tight deadline of 31 January to retrieve all the land from people in their possession under Roshni Scheme act besides the state and Khaichari illegally occupied. Roshni land under the possession of people can’t be described as illegal though the act itself is described by the Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh high court as illegal given the allegations of fraud and its misuse. The act was passed by the erstwhile state legislature when former Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad was the chief minister of state.

BJP after entering the Jammu Kashmir power corridors was the first political party who questioned the scheme and accused that land was provided to some influential people, businessmen, bureaucrats and politicians.

It has some of its own people in the net of land grabbing that doesn’t stop BJP from pitching its voices.

The BJP backed administration now has asked people to vacate the land who have grabbed it. The general concern among the public is why people who took the benefits of the Roshni Scheme and paid the rates as prescribed by the government should vacate the properties. If the BJP is chasing the big fishes in the pond why the smaller shall fall in trap

. Why can’t the administration distinguish between the two? No one can justify the illegal occupation of khaichari and state land but Roshni land was provided to the beneficiaries’ after they completed all legal documentation and paid the prescribed rates. Majority who benefited under the scheme were either landless or acquired the benefit of the scheme to build homes.

They hold little possessions. But some big sharks entered and grabbed thousands of kanals of land and paid peanuts to the state treasury. Acting against them and holding the officials who facilitated their illegal process should be the aim of administration. Not only the entire chunk of land shall be evacuated from these big sharks, however, they deserve to be punished under law.

Ironically, not a single such case has come to light. No big fish is caught though BJP is doing politics at best. The fear and anxiety is prevalent among the common masses. The order has left the fate of hundreds of families uncertain.

The government and the bureaucrats can’t exonerate themselves from the sins they have committed in framing and implementing this Scheme. Commoners have just availed the benefits. So the BJP shall target the people who are actually guilty instead of attacking common people.

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