On The Dilemmas And Ethics Of Writing

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Faizan Bashir
People are demonstrating a great zest for writing these days. In fact, they indulge themselves in writing about burning issues with sterling ends! It is passable seeing them sprouting from the nuke and the corner and writing prolifically!
However, alas, herein lies the rub—which, if not stopped, will have devastating consequences. I.E among existing writers, a substantial number write out of narcissism and egocentricity, and some do so only to be famous (so are used to showing the ‘greatness of them’ to non-writers). The ‘I am a great’ syndrome not only has turned this noble activity and made writers swagger but also disintegrates its pith. The most unfortunate part of this‘ worst predicament’ is that the forthcoming writers are, seem to be inclined to it as well, which- eventually-causes them to grow like a cavity that spoils and hollows without getting to know the present mess hidden inside.
That is exactly what happened, a couple of days back, with me. While I was scrolling my Facebook page down, messenger flashed-and there I was requested by a very young boy that read, “Suggestions for being a writer?” Enthused over the message, I was deeply feeling the exhilaration by virtue of him and thought that the guy has been inspired to do right things ahead of time- wanting to be a writer at a very young age! But, subsequently, after delving into the depth for clarifying if the youngster knows that why he wishes to write. I got something that dejected and made me realized the draw backs of taking up something without exploring & comprehending its motive(s) beforehand. These would his lust to be utterly-and-oppressive great recourse him venting out, “You are so familiar to the readers, you held respect to a great extent; I want everyone to give a pat on back of me, I want them to reside underneath my feet” which is enough shaking than getting us feel proud.
The plight, in the same way, or the other, has gripped the world where we come to witness the same overwhelming number of people having such reasons behind writing. And, our Kashmir, as it seems, is no exception to it!
Understanding good writers is not a herculean task. They are people who bring forth issues of the common people and try to resolve the same by virtue of their writing- they raise voices against any unjust thing happening or around the corner in the form of words (in fact, their words speak, they scream; they weep, they bleed; they make things happen).
The writer, who writes for a change, doesn’t get time to think he/she is to receive a pat on a back. That’s the thereof act—not a preconceived notion, nor does he fall to the narcissistic hole yet remains happy with himself- as the issues crop up every other day on which he or she ‘has to’ write. He cares and remains happy too.


Many writers/aspiring writers have spoiled the essence of writing for ulterior motives, or to put it more clearly, they in no sense have understood it. Before a person writes or wishes to write a single word, he must know that why he is writing. If it is ‘all about’ to show extreme pride thereof writing or to be dealt with exceedingly great reverence or to become familiar so on and so forth then in no way it constitutes writing—it becomes completely a crippling thing.

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