Our Future Looks Dark

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Syed Mustafa Ahmad

There was a time when morality was all around. All were morally uplifted. The adults as well as children were almost found on the same footing. Whether it was home, school, religious places, etc., the environment was full of respect, honesty, sympathy, tolerance, love, joy, etc. All were optimistic. But It only lasted for a short time. All the feats of morality were shattered on the floor. Today, we are passing through the time where every kind of virtue has taken a back seat. All around are disobedient children. They consciously or unconsciously have forgotten morality. Children wander here and there aimlessly. They have no self respect. When it is the situation, one can easily understand that they are not going to respect anyone. They have become animals in the human form. Instead of becoming a source of ease, they have become a burden for society. I have listened some parents saying that they want their children dead. They are fed up with the continuous humiliation brought by their children. But how we reach here. There must be some causes behind immorality. Now, we will try to understand some causes of our moral degradation.

First is the irresponsible behavior of parents. They never keep a watchful eye over them. The parents are lost in materialism. Their only concern is to earn and spend money. Other things matter very less in their lives. It is a well-known fact children follow their parents. When parents themselves are in the mad race of materialism, what advice they are going to impart to their children. The result is that the children become the money earning and spending machines, without concern for themselves in particular and for the society in general. In this process, all the principles of morality are lost in thin air when parents don’t have time for their children. Children follow their own whims and become the soft target of miscreants. It becomes a long chain of indecency, where everyday a new child is added and the chain goes on and on without any end.

Second is our education system. It only produces donkeys. Firstly, our educational system is incompatible with the society. Whatever is taught in educational institutions is never present on the ground level. There is a wide chasm between the theory and the practical. In this situation, a child feels that it is better to enjoy his or her life, without wasting his or her marvelous brain in the futile pursuit. Moreover, our education system is without morality. If a child is taught that a human being is the progeny of monkeys, the child will behave like an animal. He or she will treat others as animals. When a child is taught that there is no bar on illegal sexual intercourses and you can have sex with anyone whom you do like, one can easily deduce that the society has embarked on the wrong path. Apart from this, we remind Gandhi here. Gandhi’s teacher means that a teacher should be morally upright. He or she should be an epitome of humanity. He or she can modify a child according to the best of the educational paths. But the damage is done when a teacher acts in such a way that makes morality to beat its head against the wall. Many examples are evident of this when a teacher rapes his students without thinking that what crime I am committing. This crime defames all teachers. This pious job of Prophets will be hated by one and all.

Third is that the environment is fertile for every kind of evil. As a child leaves his or her home, all the evils of society welcome him or her and embrace him or her under the so-called comfort.  A child has to live in a society and tolerate what goes around. In this way, society leaves a profound impact on child and majority of times forces him or her to walk on the path of destruction. So, the environment being creator of a child doesn’t loosen its strong grip on the child. And at the end of the day, slowly and steadily, society falls into the deep pit of abyss, where from there is no recovery.

It is disheartening to see that children are wasting their time in the anti-social things. They roam like mendicants for nothing. They have lost touch with realities of life. They live virtual lives. They have no concern about their future. They want to enjoy every moment in the choicest ways. A lot of damage has been done. We cannot be so complacent in this regard. We cannot let our younger generation get wasted in this fashion. All the brilliant heads have to come forward and save our new generation from the menace of evils.

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