Over 52 pc of BJP’s donations came from electoral bonds: Report

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The BJP received more than 52 per cent of its total donations from electoral bonds during the past six years, data showed.

According to a report issued by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) on Tuesday following analysis of donations to registered recognised political parties from FY 2016-17 to FY 2021-22, the donations declared by BJP is more than three times of the total donations declared by all other national parties.

“The total donations received by the 31 recognised political parties analysed during the six-year period was Rs 16,437.635 crore. Donations worth Rs 9,188.35991 crore were received from electoral bonds (55.90 per cent), Rs 4,614.53 crore were received from the corporate sector (28.07 per cent) and Rs 2,634.74509 crore were received from other sources (16.03 per cent),” the ADR said.

As per the ADR report, the BJP received electoral bonds worth Rs 5,271.9751 crore in the past six years, while all other national parties, including Opposition Congress amassed Rs 1,783.9331 crore from electoral bonds.

Out of this, Congress declared the second highest donations from bonds amounting to Rs 952.2955 crore (61.54 per cent of its total donations) followed by Trinamool Congress which declared Rs 767.8876 crore (93.27 per cent), it said.

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