Pak PM calls for global actions to fight climate change

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Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that timely decisions and combined global actions are needed to fight adverse impacts of climate change.

Pakistan is one of the worst-affected countries by climate change. While addressing a seminar on climate change on Thursday, the prime minister urged the international community to stand for the future and work hard as the calamities like flash floods in Pakistan could hit any other country too.

Sharif noted that it has been a year since the most devastating climate-induced floods in history put one-third of Pakistan underwater and caused large-scale destruction of infrastructure including millions of acres of standing crops and houses.

Highlighting various initiatives taken by the incumbent government to tackle climate change, Sharif said that under the Resilient, Recovery, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Framework, Pakistan has been working on recovery, rehabilitation and rebuilding of the flood-affected regions.

The federal cabinet of Pakistan recently approved a landmark National Adaptation Plan 2023, which would ensure that the country’s policies, infrastructure, and communities are fully equipped to tackle the challenges.

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